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How to treat membrane perforation?


Patient Information

.Sex: Female

.Age: 46

.Medical status: Healthy

.Dental history: Several teeth and also dd 25, 26 were extracted long time ago.

.Chief complaint: "I'd like to replace all the missing teeth and restore the normal function."

Pre-operative Observation

Treatment Planning

.Implantation of CMI IS-ll active simultaneously with sinus floor elevation in region d26 and augmentation. .6 months of healing period. .Later step-by-step implantations in the other easier regions.


Perforation occurred while SLA drilling. The defect was measured approximately 4 to 5mm.

You can still go on, reparing perforation with a collagen membrane. In some cases we cannot avoid perforations but very often it may not be a huge problem.

Nice healing after 1 week!

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