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Inviting YOU to the GAO Consensus Meeting

We are thrilled to extend an invitation for your esteemed presence at the GAO Consensus Meeting, scheduled for April 20, 2024, on the eve of Neobiotech’s World Symposium in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Consensus Meeting is a significant part of the GAO’s first Consensus project on Placement & Loading Protocol, and it will be our inaugural official on-site meeting. 

The GAO Consensus project seeks to gather global experts' insights to establish crucial criteria and guidelines for the implantation of Neobiotech's CMI implant. 

Whether you're a Neobiotech user or simply a fan of our system, this is a unique opportunity to witness Key Opinion Leaders engaging in in-depth discussions about our implant system. 

The Consensus meeting will include diverse case presentations, literature reviews, and interactive discussions, providing a dynamic platform for sharing perspectives and contributing to the formulation of guidelines aimed at enhancing precision and efficiency in implant practices.


PANELISTS  :Worldwide GAO Core Members

Don't miss out! Attend and experience lively, insightful talks from our GAO community.

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