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Utilization of provisional restoration for soft tissue management and early loading

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Patient information

Patient: 55 years old male Chief complaint: "I can't chew on either side." Diagnosis: complete denture on top

Preoperative observation

3 implants were placed in patient’s lower left quadrant to restore 4 posterior teeth (two premolars & two molars)

This is 10 days after surgery. You can see the minimal healing around implants and also in the extraction sockets.

without healing abutment.

Provisional restoration was delivered. And This is how the tissue looks 3 weeks post-op.

Healing abutments were connected to the fixtures.

Soft tissue was molded based on the contour of provisional restoration.

To transfer the custom-molded soft tissue information onto the working model, the provisional restoration was picked up with the impression instead of impression copings.

The CAD designing process of custom abutments.

CAD/CAM custom abutments on the working cast.

The final restoration closely follows the contour of the provisional restoration and well adapts to the custom-molded soft tissue.

Occlusal view.

31 mos. follow-up.

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