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Utilization of ‘PickCap’ Impression Kit with mandibular anterior restorations


Patient information Pateint: 61 years old male Chief complaint: "The bottom front teeth are mobile and painful on chewing." Diagnosis: approximately 60-70% bone loss around the mandibular incisors.



Two 3.5 x 13.0 mm implants were placed immediately after extractions. Implant direction pins were connected for verification of fixture alignment.

ISQ values were measured at 4 different locations of each implant at the time of surgery.

#32: 67/71/67/71, #41: 68/71/71/69

Prefabricated abutments were modified to be used to fabricate provisional restorations.

3 days post-op.

Close-up of provisional restorations.

ISQ value was measured at 10th week.

#32: 67/65/68/67, #41: 73/72/73/73

Impression was made using ‘PickCap’ system.

Lag analogs are positioned in impression.

New set of prefabricated abutments were prepared for final restorations.

Final restorations on the working cast.

Intraoral view of the final restorations.

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