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Treatment of peri-implantitis by mechanical cleansing using I-brush II & T-brush


Peri-implantitis were found around implants #46,47&48.

Pre-operative Panorama


Clinical buccal view of implants #46,47&48. Gingival inflammation and recession was found.


Removal of plaque or inflammation around implant and gingival

Tartar removal is recommended before using Gingi-brush

I-brush II (2,000~20,000 rpm)

Perfect cleansing of the infected implant surface

Each contaminated thread was cleaned with I-brush II for 3 minutes with copious water.

Rough surface is preserved even after the use of I-brush II

T-brush (2,000~20,000rpm)

T brushing is only recommended for contaminated 1 to 3 threads, as it takes 3 minutes.

Noncircumferential defect was cleaned with an T-brush for 3 minutes each thread.

After the treatment

Periapical radiograph

Click on the image to see clinical video.

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