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Ti-Mesh Fixation Case


Pre-op panorama at the time of first visit (06/30/2014) Patient age: 51 Female C.C (Chief Complaint) : Patient wants to replace the old prosthesis to implants and single crown.


Photo shown on the upper left side is the pre-operative intra-oral photograph at the first day of examination (06/30/2014) The rest of the intra-oral photographs were taken on the day of surgery (10/13/2014)

As extremely narrow ridge was found on the mandibular left, ridge split was performed. In such case, the site was fixed with the Ti-Mesh and GBR was applied by inserting mixed bone (mixture of allograft bone and PRP bone) to fill the split gap space.

As shown on the lower left photo, the ridge has widened quite a bit after the ridge split and GBR. The Ti-Mesh was fixed with bone screws, and periodontal releasing incision was performed. Flap was sutured with primary closure (10/13/2014)

Post-op panorama after implant placement

Second surgery (02/25/2015). The epithelium has became thinner due to Ti-Mesh’s good ability of space keeping. When the surface layer of the epithelium was opened, the Ti-Mesh remained well fixed. Complete bone regeneration was observed following the removal of the Ti-Mesh. New bone was created widely on the sides of the placed implants.

Good soft tissue healing was seen after second surgery. Impression of #35 & #36 was taken (3/16/2015). The three photos were taken while connecting the CAD/CAM Abutment and delivering the temp cr. (04/15/2015)

Clinical view of left mandibular after delivery of final restoration (06/26/2015)

Panoramic view after delivery of final restorations.

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