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Short Single Implant ( IS II active 4.5 X 8.5mm) Placed and Immediately Loaded in the Replacement at


Patient Information

-Male, 65 yeared old

Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

A tooth 44 was extracted and needs to be replaced. The bone site was mature and an IS II Active Neobiotech implant was ready for placement. Taking into account the hypothetical proximity of the mental foramen a reduced length implant was preferred ( 8.5 mm long).

Pre-operative Radiograph

Pre-operative Intraoral Photograph


The edentulous site presented enough keratinized tissue, with no need of grafts

After the osteotomy has been prepared, the implant is placed with the smooth collar at the bone level. An adequate torque has been reached ( 50 Ncm) and it has been decided to immediately load the implant.

A short transfer and a snap-on device were immediately positioned and flaps sutured around it. After the impressions, an healing abutment was connected.

A provisional screw-retained resin crown was delivered the day after and sutures were removed after 10 days. Great attention was dedicated to occlusal control avoiding any contact.

After 6 months soft peri-implant tissue were in good health, without inflammation and they presented good stability and thickness.

A new impression was taken always with the snap on easy repositioning cap.

A definitive PFM crown was cemented on a definitive abutment.

Comparison of baseline and 12 months follow-up radiographs: no bone remodeling occurred and the implant demonstrated to be stable.

This case report the placement and the immediately loading of a reduced in length IS II active implant ( 4.5 x 8.5 mm) used to replace a first mandibular premolar with 1 year of follow-up.

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