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Implantation with GBR using CTi-membrane

Preoperative observation

Diagnosis & Treatment planning

A 38-year-old female patient had cantilevered bridges at site 14-16 and 44-46. The plan was to eliminate cantilevers and place 4 implants at site 16, 17, 46, and 47. In addition, the GBR procedure using CTi-mem was planned due to buccal bone defects at site 46 and 47.

The ridge was exposed with a crestal incision.

Autogenous bone chips were harvested in the retromolar site using the ACM drill.

2 implants were placed after the host bone decortication process.

Panoramic radiograph taken after implants placement.

The buccal bone defect was filled with autogenous bone chips harvested with ACM.

A type of CTi-mem was placed over the graft and fixed with sutures in the periosteum.

The wound closure was achieved with sutures.

Stage Ⅱ surgery 4 months after the initial surgery.

It was verified that the volumetric stability of the bone graft was achieved after CTi-mem removal.

CTi-spacers were removed.

The suture was placed over the healing abutment.

4 months after stage Ⅱ surgery.

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