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Immediate placement with VAROGuide #46

Patient information

- Age / Sex: 47y, Male

- Medical History: No known systemic pathology

- Diagnosis: #46 Crown Fracture

- Treatment Results: Implant Placement in the inter-radicular septum

Treatment Plan

- #46 Extraction

- Bone graft with Regenoss, Flapless surgery with VAROGuide


- #46 IT-III acitve / G.collar 1.8mm / Wide Diameter Ø5.0 / Length 10mm


Before Surgery

#46 Extraction due to Crown Fracture

Ø2.2 Initial Drilling in Septum after extraction

Implant Placement with VAROGuide

Implant Placement in the middle of the septum

Bone graft with Regenoss(Allograft)

After Surgery

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