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Immediate loading of anterior maxilla with Neo NaviGuide

With Neo NaviGuide kit, obtained satisfied path of fixture & adequate initial torque which is enough for immediate loading


PT Information 45 years old / female CC Exfoliation of post & crown of right maxillary central incisor Tx plan 1) extraction of root rest (#11) 2) flapless fixture (BIS4011A) installation with Neo NaviGuide kit 3) bone graft with CalPore & autogenous bone obtained during drilling 4) immediate loading with custom abutment (hex) & acrylic temporary crown

Pre-operative & post-operative intra-oral photo

Impression and Model for Neo NaviGuide

Pre-operative planning with Implant Studio

Surgical report

Surgical guide

3D printing model for temporary prosthesis

Custom abutment & temporary crown

Post-operative panorama


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