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GBR with Cti-mem in the periodontally compromized narrow ridge of #14


33 Male has a aggressive periodontitis. He had lost his #14, and severe alveolar bone resorption of #17 and #27.

Pre-operative radiograph


After retraction of flap showed severe bony resorption on the buccal side. The width of ridge was under 3mm.

Cti-mem was placed with 2 point fixation after bone graft.

Colla-tape was put on the Cti-mem to have a stability of the wound.

Primary closure was obtained.

After 4months, instead of slight exposure of Cti-mem, the new bone was gained enough.

And placed the implant, you can see the optimal buccal volume of newly formed bone.

Simply sutured.

The Class I of Mx. Post area classification by Dr. Hoe. 4.5 diameter and 11.5 length IS-II ikplant was placed. No any other bone graft was done.

After 4 months of the implant placement, the site of wound was excellently healed.

The implant was uncovered.

Simple incision and apically positioned flap had perfomed to increase keratinized gingiva around the implant. The healing abutment was connected.

The preformed abutment was connected.

You can see the enough buccal soft and hard tissue volume and corridor.

The final prosthesis was cemented.

After the delivery of final prosthesis, the site was checked by X-ray.

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