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GBR procedure with CTi-mem and a combination of RegenOss and PRF in the anterior maxilla


Pre-op panorama

Horizontal and vertical augmentation of the anterior maxilla with a GBR needed.

Frontal view of the bone defect.

Occlusal view of the bone defect.

Extremely narrow ridge was found.

Perforation of the cortical plate of the bone to allow the defect volume to be populated with new vessels.

Platelet-rich fibrin(PRF)

Allograft (RegenOss, FDBA)

A combination of allograft (RegenOss, FDBA) and PRF.

A combination of allograft (RegenOss, FDBA) and PRF was applied to the defect.

Allogenic particulate graft placed. Periosteal splitting done.

E-type CTi-mems (Neobiotech, Korea) were bent and placed on the graft.

E-type CTi-mems (Neobiotech, Korea) were fixed by suture material (Lexilon supramid, Korea).

A collagen membrane (Colla-Guide) was placed over the titanium meshes for minimizing mesh exposures.

Tension free primary closure with double sling suture, horizontal mattress suture and simple interrupted suture.

After 4weeks, instead of slight exposure of CTi-mem, the new bone was gained enough.

The soft tissue has healed without membrane exposures.

The CTi-mems were easily removed.

The CTi-mems were easily removed.

The defect area was fully filled with the new bone 3 months after the GBR.

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