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Esthetic restoration in the anterior mandible


- Preoperative clinical view of 3-unit cement retained FPD

- #32: Bone resorption caused by advanced periodontitis


Buccal view after the old bridge removal.

Extraction of #32.

Removal of granular tissue using surgical curette and 15C blade.

The defect area being filled with bone materials after drilling.

An implant placed with 20Ncm of primary stability

Bone materials additionally placed to the defect.

Postoperative radiological view.

3-unit provisional restoration on 32-x-42.

An impression cap placed for impression taking 3 months after the implant placement. A shape of subgingival post can be taken by using an impression cap.

Impression making.

Final restorations on the working cast.

Preparation zig made to remove the exposed metal post.

Clinical view of final restoration delivered.

Periapical radiographic photograph.



A 57 year old female patient was referred to the clinic to replace the mandibular anterior incisor which was considered hopeless due to bone resorption caused by advanced periodontitis. With the extraction of #41, S-mini onebody implant was immediately placed with 20Ncm of primary stability, and the defect was filled with bone materials.

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