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[ENG] All on Four Treatment Concept: Standard protocol of immediate loading full-arch Implant

“All on Four Treatment Concept: Standard protocol of immediate loading full-arch/ full mouth implant restorations"


Speaker : Dr. Mongkol Thaveeprungsiporn

Date : 13th October, 2021

DURATION : 53:07

Lecture featuring

Starting from the pilot, Dr.Paulo Malo, introduced the first case of immediate loading restorations with a minimum number of implants to the world of implant dentistry in 1998. At that time, it was an untouchable treatment for most dentists all over the world. There are big controversies about the long term success rates with these treatments.

Till now with the huge amount of studies and information including high survival rates of treatment, we can say that “All on Four treatment concept is the standard protocol of immediate loading full-arch/ full mouth implant restorations”.

Regarding my lecture with this topic, I would like to share my experiences about All on Four treatment with NEOBIOTECH implants in these scopes;

1. Showing protocol of NEOBIOTECH implant to achieve great primary stability, which is the key to success in the starting point.

2. Showing prosthodontics parts of screw-retained prosthesis, which is consisted of straight & angle multi-unit abutments. Apart from this, we can choose the open tray impression technic or closed tray impression technic from the NEOBITECH transfer coping set.

3. Showing prosthodontic parts of SCRP (screw-cement retained prosthesis) abutments, which allow each dental implant to diverge from each other in multi-unit implants case within 20°.

4. Case presentations:

4.1) Original All-on-Four treatment concept with tilted distal implant(s) and fixed hybrid denture (acrylic teeth & base with metal framework support)

4.2) 4 to 6 implants support immediate loading full-arch/ full mouth implant restorations with SCRP abutments.

I hope that this lecture will be beneficial in a practical way for clinicians who are interested to work with All on Four treatment concept to their patients.

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