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Sinus graft with lateral approach and implants placement with C-reamer in Sinus All Kit


Panoramic X-ray: Due to the limited amount of remaining bone, lateral approach for the posterior part of sinus is preferred.

Clinical photograph of occlusal surface of the maxillary left edentulous ridge (#26 and #27) before surgery.

Full thickness flap with papilla preserving incision was made.

The C-reamer was used to obtain a thin bone disk for lateral sinus graft. Drilling with 2000 rpm or faster is recommended.

A bony window was prepared in between #26 and #27.

Careful detachment of the think bone disk from the membrane using the sinus elevator in Sinus All Kit.

A Combination of Calpore(HA+β TCP) and autograft was used for the sinus graft.

After bone grafting, 2 implants (IT-II(Neobiotech, Korea)) were placed simultaneously.

2 implants(Ø5.0*10mm) were successfully placed in the site of #26 and 27, achieving 30N/cm of insertion torque.

Ø6.0 Healing abutments were connected and simple interrupted sutures were performed in between healing abutments.

One month later, good soft tissue healing was observed.

Panoramic view of final prosthesis on maxillary left posterior region

Periapical radiograph of #26 and #27

3.5-year follow-up panoramic view and marginal bone level and sinus graft material has been well maintained.

Focused view of #26 and #27

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