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Short Single Implant (IS II active 4.5 X 7.3mm) Used to Replace First Maxillary Molar


Patient Information

Female, 61 years old, non smoker, good health

Patient radiograph

Treatment planning was to replace tooth 16 with a Neobiotech implant after removing old partial fixed FMC. About 5mm of available basal bone height was measured on site 16.


A Neobiotech short implant ( IS II Active 4.5 x 7.3 mm) was positioned submerged in conjunction with sinus membrane elevation by the crestal approach (SCA Technique).

After 6 months of undisturbed healing, the implant was uncovered and the impression was taken. A screw-retained provisional crown was delivered.

The buccal view of a screw-retained provisonal crown

After 12 months of the surgery, it was shown than peri-implant soft tissues are well stabilized and in good health. An easy impression was able to be taken with a short transfer and a snap-on precise system called 'PickCap impression system'.

A definitive screw-type metal-ceramic crown was delivered.

Note the good corticalization of the sinus bone floor and the cervical bone stability.

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