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Implant placement using the shield technique


Patient Information

Patient: 45 year old female

Medical status: healthy

Dental history: Post and crown after endodontic treatment on #24 twelve years ago

Chief complaint: Mobility of crown

Simplant View

Superposition of implant and tooth. Angulation of the implant allows the shield to be left with a part of PDL.


Preoperative observation.

Crown and post were removed.

Shield preparation.

The shield technique is a kind of socket preservation technique. Tooth is extracted except for a small part (shield) on the buccal site. This shield protects bundle bone against resorption.

Initial stability was insufficient to perform immediate loading.

Shield and implant.

Dental bur used for precise cut of the root.

3 days post-op.

Ten weeks later. Only a small amount of tissue volume was resorbed.

15 degree angled abutment.

Post-op: Zirconium based crown.

Post-op: Lateral view.



The Shield Technique for socket preservation protects bundle bone against resorption, as compared to leaving the socket empty. This case clarifies potential benefits of the shield technique used for implant placement.

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