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Immediate implantation in multi-rooted teeth

This case presents immediate placement of IS ll active implant in the extraction socket and immediate loading with sulcus formers.

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Patient information

Pateint: 43 year old female Medical status: healthy Chief complaint: "I'd like to have an implant instead of inflamed root. "Dental history: - chronical periodontitis          - lesions under roots          - long treatment history          - bad prognosis          - sensitivity.

Preoperative observation

Treatment planning

- Implantation with CMI IS-ll active implant - Immediate implant placement after extraction - Bone defect augmentation - Immediate loading of implants with sulcus formers.


Atraumatic extraction, minimally invasive surgical technique, implant site preparation before extraction, implant placement with high stability for immediate loading with sulcus former, bone defect repair with heterologous bone graft, site protection with collagen membrane, horizontal matress suturing (Cortellini et al.) for stabilization of the bone graft and the best possible soft tissue repair.

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