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Immediate implant placement using Neo NaviGuide in the mandible anterior site


Pre-op panorama

It was planned to immediately place implants following the extraction of #31, #32, #41 and #42.

Intra-oral photograph


After the extraction

The Neo NaviGuide was placed in the mouth.

Ø 2.2 drill (200rpm)

Ø 3.0 drill (50rpm)

Ø 3.0 drill (50rpm)

Removed the inner circular ampoule from the outer square-shaped ampoule.

Removed the safety cap (A cover screw can be found inside the cap).

Removed the cap by holding the sides of the ampoule. Holding the clip causes the fixture to drop into the ampoule.

Held the upper part of the clip.

Connected the fixture driver to the implant by holding the upper part of the clip.

Separated the fixture from the ampoule by pushing the lower part of the clip.

Neobiotech IS-III active 3.5*11.5mm fixtures were placed in the area of #32 and 42.

The fixture was finally tightened with the torque ratchet.

Surrounding bone was trimmed with a bone profile (50rpm). Must use Bone Profile after removing the guide.

Healing abutments were connected to the fixtures.

Post-op periapical radiograph(PA)

Click on the image to see clinical video.

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