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Immediate implant placement on right maxillary central incisor with IS-II Active implant


Patient was a 49 years old female, who lost her crown as well as the post and core of tooth 11 when biting on a mouthpiece of a diving apparatus. She came to the clinic 5 days after she had lost the tooth. An x-ray of the tooth was performed on that day and the treatment plan was explained to the patient.

Pre-operative Radiograph


Condition of the patient 5 days after the crown was lost.

Under infiltration anaesthesia the fractured root was removed atraumatically with periotomes and a BendeX device manufactured by Zepff.

The implant bed was formed according to the principles of immediate implantation technique.

An IS-II Active implant of 3.5 mm in width and 13 mm in length manufactured by NeoBiotech was immersed with the force of 40 Ncm.

The fissure between the implant and the vestibular bone lamella was augmented.

A prosthetic restoration was preformed supported by a temporary connector.

While preserving the implant emergence profile, which had been obtained during healing.

After an 8-week integration period impressions were collected.

The final prosthetic restoration was formed.

A periapical x-ray was performed to evaluate embedment of the restoration.

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