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GBR procedure with a CTi-mem and a combination of Bio-Oss and auto bone

Pre-operative Observation

Preoperative view: Lateral augmentation was planned.


The ridge was exposed with a crestal incision.

Implant placement on site 46

1mm of CTi-spacer placed on #46 implant

B type of Cti-mem

Fixing screw

Auto Chip Maker (ACM)

The autogenous bone harvested with an ACM

The ridge was augmented using a combination of autogenous bone and xenograft (Bio-Oss) at 1:1 ratio. CTi-mem was placed over the graft using a fixing screw.

Buccal view

Primary closure achieved

Tissue healing at 4 months

Complete bone regeneration was observed following the Cti-spacer removal.

Uncovery was done for stage II surgery.

CTi-mem was removed and it was verified that new bone formation has been made on the buccal side.



GBR procedure was done using a CTi-mem over the graft. The graft was made of a combination of Bio-Oss and auto bone harvested with an Auto Chip Maker (ACM). The result of new bone formation was significant.

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