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Full arch implantation with Neo NaviGuide on the edentulous mandible


A 55-year-old female patient wanted to have her lost teeth restored.

The patient had well-controlled hypertension and was taking an aspirin prescribed by her family doctor.

It seems to have enough vertical bone for implant placement in the mandible.

Pre-op panorama

Intra-oral photograph


As extremely narrow ridge was found on the anterior area, more than 5 mm of alveolectomy was performed and decided to place S-mini implant.

A bone graft was performed in the buccal area after placing 2.5~3.0 mm S-mini onebody implants.

Panorama with the Neo NaviGuide

The Neo NaviGuide was placed in the mouth.

Full thickness crestal incision was being made because of thin bone and extremely narrow ridge.

Alveolectomy was performed at the anterior region.

CMI IS-III active (Neobiotech, Korea) 4.5*7.3mm fixture was placed in the area of #47.

CMI IS-III active (Neobiotech, Korea) S-1 4.0*10mm fixture was placed in the area of #35.

Fixing the Neo NaviGuide, with vertical anchor(in fixture) connected to the fixture.

CMI IS-III active (Neobiotech, Korea) 3.5*11mm fixture was placed in the area of #44.

Healing abutments were connected to the fixtures.

CMI S-mini (Neobiotech, Korea) 3.0*11mm fixture was placed in the area of #43.

Three S-mini onebody (cement type) implants were placed in the area of anterior mandible.

Bone graft was done on the thin buccal bone on the anterior area.

Resorbable collagen membrane was placed over the graft.

After the surgery.

Post-op panorama.

Click on the image to see clinical video. (Anterior/Posterior part)

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