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Immediate Placement using VAROGuide

Patient information

C/C: "The crown is fractured." (#25)

Age & Sex: 62 years old Female.

PMH: HTN, Hyperlipidemia, Diabetes mellitus

Diagnosis: #25 Crown fracture then retained root

Treatment Plan : 1) Extraction of #25 root rest

2) Immediate Placement

3) GBR

4) Final prosthesis with custom abutment and zirconia


Pre-operative observation

Pre-operative PA and intra-oral photograph

Panoramic and CT(sectioned view) after extraction

VAROGuide Fabrication


Step-by-step surgery

1) #25 IS-III 4.0*10mm, GBR, Healing abutment 5.0*5

2) Suture with 4-0 Nylon (Horizontal mattress suture)

* Initial stability: Good (25N)

* Bone quality: D2

Post-operative Evaluation

Intra-oral photograph

Panorama and CT(sectioned) view

1.5 months after the surgery


- post op 3 months

Emergence profile

Impression coping

Pick-up impression

Impression coping connection PA

Fabrication of Prosthesis

- post op 3.5 months

Custom abutment

Final Proshtesis

Zirconia crown (after cementation)

Final Evaluation

Final PA (standard)

Final Panorama

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