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How to Manage Implant Complications in the Aesthetic Area

Speaker : Dr. Giuliano Garlini

Date : 7th, 14th, April, 2021

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The supported implant oral rehabilitations are able to generate great satisfaction for both patients and operators. Nowadays we have the scientific, practical and technological knowledge to be able to face even complex clinical cases with good high success rates. However, not always everything goes the right way and sometimes we find ourselves having to manage the presence of complications in the short or long term that can lead to results that are not always satisfactory. In particular, when these complications arise in areas of aesthetic relevance, their management can be very complicated and difficult, generating considerable stress in the operators and in the patients themselves.

The purpose of these two webinars will be to learn how to prevent implant complications in areas of aesthetic interest, but also to transmit guidelines that can allow us to manage them optimally from all points of view.

Part #1

Part #2

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