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Esthetic placement of S-Mini Onebody Implant in the anterior mandible


Preoperative Observation

- Missing tooth on #31

- Apical lesion on #41

- Advanced periodontitis on #42

Treatment Planning

- Implant supported single crown on #31 and #42

- Endodontic treatment on #41

- Crown on #32 and #41


Site #31 following the old bridge removal

#42 extraction #31 defect on the buccal side

Site preparation: Ф1.5mm drill was designed for S-Mini Onebody Implant. The labial aspect was exposed to be grafted.

Φ2x11.5mm S-Mini Onebody Implant

1.5mm deeper placement from the crestal level: 35Ncm of insertion torque was achieved.

#31: GBR done with an allograft material (RegenOss) and a collagen membrane #42: Immediate placement of Φ2.5mm S-Mini Onebody Implant

The graft closure

Additional bone insertion into the extraction socket

Radiograph taken after the surgery

Immediate loading with an acrylic resin provisional restoration

Impression taking after 3 months of the surgery: With an impression cap, both supragingival and subgingival post can be taken at once.

Closed tray impression

Impression caps shown in the impression

2 modified lab analogs in the stone poured analog bed

Stone dies

4 months after the surgery: A 4 unit FPD was delivered. Gingival recession has occurred on the natural tooth #32 and #41.

Frontal view of the patient’s smile

Radiological 4 months follow-up

3 years follow-up: Well-maintained crestal level

No further gingival recession was found.



This case shows how to make an esthetic result of S-Mini Onebody Implant placement in the anterior mandible. Site #31 was grafted with simultaneous implant placement, and #42 implant was immediate placed in the extraction socket. The PickCap Impression kit was used to make an impression and an acrylic resin provisional restoration was immediately delivered .

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