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Sinus lift augmentation without the use of a solid biomaterial: PRF only


Patient Information

Patient: 61 years old male

Medical status: healthy

Dental history: teeth 25 and 26 extracted due to endodontic failure

Chief complaint: esthetic and functional problems

Treatment Planning

- Note that the alveolar part of the maxillary sinus is a five- wall defect which is similar to a dental socket. This type of defect heals spontaneously.

- Simplant planning: the view of the alveolar part of the maxillary sinus


PRF Processing

PRF is only material which support Schneiderian membrane tent

Implant insertion.

30-40Ncm initial stability was reached. (#25: 45-50 Ncm, #26: 35Ncm)

Sinus window is covered by a collagen membrane.

X-Ray after implant placement: note a small 6 mm diameter access window and lack of biomaterial.

CBCT before the surgery.

CBCT 3months after the surgery.

Comparison of Simplant view before and 3 months after treatment.

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