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Minimally invasive removal of a periodontally compromised implant

Pre-operative Observation

- #35: Bone loss of 3mm

- #36: Floating with no bone development & gingival inflammation

- #37: Bone loss of 5mm


Failed implants #36 and #37 were easily removed with a crown remover.

The buccal view following removal of #36 and #37.

A fixture remover screw was screwed into the implant fixture #35 with 70Ncm of wrench torque (less than 80Ncm is recommended).

A fixture remover screw must be inserted to the yellow line marked on a 3D image to prevent them from getting fractured. Bottom threads are in the opposite direction to upper threads.

A fixture remover that fits to the coronal part of the implant was screwed on the removal screw in counterclockwise direction. 300Ncm counter-torque was applied with copious water, but failed to unthread the implant.

With 1mm of crestal bone prep, the implant started to come out at 200Ncm counter-torque.

As the favorable bony conditions of threads are preserved, implant may be inserted again with good prognosis

The surgical site was simply sutured.

Postoperative radiographic view.

The surgical site following a month of tissue healing.

Click on the image to see clinical video.

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