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Immediate placement with IT-III active fixture in the Maxillary 1st Premolar Area

This case presents immediate implant placement with Neobiotech IT-II active fixture on #24


It was planned to immediately place an implant following the extraction of #24.


Careful extraction of #24 and thorough irrigation with saline solution.

Point drill (1,200rpm) Initial point drill was used to locate the implant position in the apex.

Ø 2.2 drill (1,200rpm)

Ø 3.0 drill (1,200rpm)

Ø 3.5 drill (1,200rpm)

Ø 4.0 drill (1,200rpm)

IT-III active Ø 4.5X11.5mm fixture was placed. The insertion torque value was 40 N/cm, which was sufficient for performing the one stage approach.

Healing abutment was connected.

Allograft (RegenOss™) was inserted.

Post-op panorama

Periapical radiograph

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