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Immediate implant placement after removal of a failed implant


Patient Information

1. Sex: male

2. Age: 52

3. Medical status: healthy

4. Dental history:

- May 2005: Implant placement on #36 and #37

- October 2005: #36 removal

- November 2005: Replacement of a new implant at 6 weeks

- December 2005: After implant removal at 3 months due to the failure, it was decided to fabricate bridge on natural tooth 35 and implant 37.

6. Chief complaint: Discomfort at implant 37 area

Preoperative observation


Due to total lack of osseointegration, the bridge was cut off on #35 crown and the implant was removed.

Two implants (Ø4.0X7.3mm on #36 & Ø5.0X5.0 mm on #37) were immediately replaced on the same day and higher than 40Ncm of sufficient stability was able to be achieved.

Postoperative photograph of immediately placement implants.

7 days follow-up

Combined composite crowns for a long-term provisionalization was fabricated.

6 weeks

Occlusal view

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