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Horizontal bone augmentation with autogenous bone and CTi-mem


Preoperative photographs and panoramic view of the maxillary bilateral edentulous patient.


4 implants were immediately placed with 30-40Ncm of primary stability. Buccal side of #24 implant was exposed and needed of GBR.

As a large bone defect had occurred on site 24, autogenous bone harvested with ACM was grafted on site 24 and "a type" of CTi-mem was covered over the graft.

Transmucosal GBR for #24 was conducted with a healing abutment on the CTi-spacer.


3 months.

3 months.

The defect area was fully filled with the new bone 3 months after the GBR.

Final prostheses delivered 3 months after the surgery.

3 years follow-up indicates no further bone loss.

Click on the image to see clinical video.

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