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[ENG] Bone & Sinus Augmentation Trends and Techniques

Speaker : Dr. Maurice A Salama

Topic : Bone & Sinus Augmentation Trends and Techniques

To be a viable treatment choice in the edentulous patient, the implant-supported restoration requires bone in adequate position, quality and quantity. This requires development of the edentulous ridge or potential implant restorative site. The importance in developing this underlying bone support is twofold, to act as an anchor for the implant but also as a framework for the support of the gingival tissue and esthetics.

The three-dimensional reconstruction of the implant receptor site comprises two distinct phases:

Development of the hard tissues requires an understanding and specific skill sets which include;

- Extraction Site Management

- Autogenous, Xenograft or Allograft Bone selection

- Bone Particulate Grafts and GBR

- Utilization and Fixation of Membranes & Ti-mesh

- Ridge Splitting or Expansion Techniques

- State of the Art Sinus Augmentation and Crestal Approach Techniques

- Management of Implant Complications

This program will cover site preparation techniques prior to and at the time of implant placement.

Educational Objectives:

1. Diagnosis and classification of implant recipient sites

2. Preservation techniques available for implant replacement

3. Management of the “deficient” site through augmentation techniques

Auto translation is available /Turn on C.C and click auto-translate, select your own language

00:00 intro

07:53 SLA Kit

09:50 SLA clinical video

15:38 ACM Auto chip Maker

25:51 Anycheck (Implant stability test)

32:43 GBR Kit

36:50 SCA Kit

46:40 IS II active

47:56 CMI concept

49:24 R brush, I brush

51:14 CTi-mem

54:39 FR Kit

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