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A step by step placement in the left mandibular area: from surgical to prosthetic completion


Patient Information

Patient: 50 year old male Chinese

Medical history: hypertension (under medication)

Dental history: - OH average

         - upper & lower anterior crowding

         - signs of bruxism / occlusal wear facets present

         - loss of #36, #37 & #47 to periodontal disease

         - complains of difficulty in chewing tough food

Preoperative observation

Treatment planning

- IS ll active implants 4.5Ø 10mm x 2 in #36 & #37 - IS ll active implants 4.5Ø 10mm in #47 (at a later date) - CAD/CAM screw-retained Zirconia crowns (splinted) - Night mouth guard


Papillary-saving flap design

3 months post-op

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