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Overdenture on mandibular area using Neobiotech implants

Brief information

A 90 years old male patient, previously extracted mandibular teeth, presented with difficulties using his FLD and implant overdenture was prescribed with two implants on the cuspid areas both right and left sides using a Neobiotech implants 4 x 10 on both sides


Pre-operative CT on mandibular area


Full thickness flap on mandibular from distal of right cuspid to distal of left cuspid, vertical incision on mid mandible.

Parallel pin placed after initial 2.0 twist drill, using center pit as guiding the distance from center to left and right.

Two implant place at level of cuspid right and left on mandible for an overdenture

Implant placed and flap suture with EPTFE suture continue interlock

X-rays after placement

Locators with housing ready for impression

Pick up impression of housing

Final Full mandibular denture with housings

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