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Maxillary sinus graft with lateral approach and implants placement at right upper molars with LS-rea

#16 & 17 of the maxillary arch, sinus graft was performed by the lateral approach since the remaining bone was less than that of the opposite side of the arch. The LS-reamer (SLA Kit) was used to create a lateral window. Implants were placed simultaneously with the sinus graft.


Pre-op panorama: Partial edentulism on maxillary right posterior region. The height of the remaining alveolar ridge at the 1st molar site is 4-6mm.


Due to the limited amount of remaining bone and the amount of bone graft required, a lateral approach was used for the sinus grafting procedure. The LS-reamer was used to create a bony window on the lateral wall of the sinus. Meticulous instrumentation for lifting the sinus membrane was needed following the bony window preparation. Click on the image to see clinical video.

Panoramic x-ray immediately after sinus grafting procedure.

Soft tissue was healed around healing abutment.

Lateral view: The final prosthesis in occlusion.

Occlusal view: Access holes were filled with resin.

The final prosthesis on maxillary right posterior region was delivered.

Periapical x-ray of the final prosthesis.

3-year follow-up panorama.

5-year follow-up panorama.

6-year follow-up panorama.

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