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Immediate implant placement using the Neo NaviGuide in the maxillary canine

Immediately placed implant after extraction on the anterior maxillary area using Neo NaviGuide.


Pre-op panorama

It was planned to immediately place implants following the extraction of #23.

Intra-oral photograph

#23 was extracted.

Thorough curettage and irrigation is necessary for eliminating the apical cyst and possible bacteria in the socket.

Immediately after the extraction of #23

The Neo NaviGuide was placed in the mouth.

Bone trimmer (200rpm) was used removing residual alveolar bone and flattening the bone level.

Point drill (200rpm) Recommended use of the point drill should be rotated at about 200rpm in the extraction socket.

Ø 2.2 drill (200rpm) Recommended use of the Ø 2.2 drill should be rotated at about 200rpm in the extraction socket.

Ø 3.0 drill (50rpm)

Ø 3.5 drill (50rpm)

Ø 4.0 Cortical drill (30~50rpm) Must use Tap Drill in the case of D1~2 bone.

Neobiotech IS-III active 4.0x11.5mm fixture was placed in the area of #23. (30~50rpm)

The fixture was finally tightened with the torque ratchet.

An implant was placed successfully.

Bone graft was performed. Alloplastic bone material (DM bone, Metabiomed) was inserted.

Healing abutment was connected to the fixture.

Post-op panorama

A provisional removable prosthesis was placed.

Frontal smile view of final restoration delivered.

Panoramic view after the delivery of the definitive prosthesis.

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