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GBR using CTi-membrane


Pre-operative Observation

Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

A 60-year-old male patient had severe bone resorption at site 46 and 47. The plan was to extract #46 and place an implant at site 46. In addition, the GBR procedure using CTi-mem was planned due to bone defects at site 46 and mesial part of 47.


An implant was placed at #46 after 8 weeks of the extraction.

CTi-mem was placed over the graft and fixed with sutures in the periosteum.

Autogenous bone chips were harvested in the retromolar site using the ACM drill and a collagen membrane was placed over the CTi-mem.

Tension-free primary closure of flap was achieved.

The soft tissue has healed without membrane exposures.

It was verified that the volumetric stability of the bone graft was achieved.

CTi-spacer was removed.

The CTi-mem was easily removed.

Note the excellent bone formation underneath the titanium membrane.

After 4 months of healing, uncovering was performed.

The final prosthesis was delivered.

Panoramic view after delivery of the prosthesis.

CT view of #46, #47



This case presents the GBR procedure using a customized titanium mesh (CTi-mem) at site 46 and mesial part of 47. Prior to the CTi-mem placement, the buccal bone defect was filled with autogenous bone chips harvested with ACM.

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