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Flapless single implant placement

Brief information

A 44 years old female, tooth #5(FDI; #14) was extracted and bone grafted for socket preservation. After 6 months patient return to have implant placed, to restore form and function, replacing missing tooth. After evaluating the case with proper x-rays and tools, a 4.0x10mm Neo/Biothech implant was selected, flapless surgical procedure was performed. And restore 4 months later.


Pre-operative CT on mandibular area

Tooth #5 (FDI; #14) was extracted 5 months previously area was bone grafted for socket preservation a 4.5x10 fixture was placed.

Impression after 6 months of implant placement.

Custom abutment sit on fixture

Crown delivered



One year post-operatory (Buccal view)

One year post-operatory (Lingual view)

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