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[ENG] Easy implant prosthetic with simple impression

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■ Date : 2021. 08.19

■ Speaker: Dr. Hyunggu Im

■ Course Description: Implant dentistry includes multiple steps that most of people think it as a time-consuming complex procedure. Patients are not only concerned about the treatment fee but also they go under a lot of stress because of the complicated nature of the implant procedure itself.

In that sense, it is very important to make implant procedure as simple as possible. In prosthetic part of the implant dentistry, impression making takes a major portion. If you can make the impression simple, it will lessen the burden from both the dentist and the patient.

Pick-cap impression coping makes the impression procedure easy because you can use close tray technique and sometimes you can even use a bite tray to make the impression because the short Pick-cap impression coping allows the patients to bite on it.

Digital impression or intra-oral scanning is also an option where you can reduce the time of impression making procedure. Model-less prosthetic work-flow is possible with intra-oral scanning which eliminates a lot of lab process and enables quick delivery of the prostheses.

In this presentation, we will discuss about both conventional and digital impression technique that can make the implant prosthetic procedure much easier which will benefit both the dentist and the patients.

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